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2018 and 2019 have been exciting years for the RoBird® team. The company reached greater heights with the RoBird® UAV, achieving goals with partners and clients, demonstrating the technology, and working worldwide.

In 2018, RoBird® participated in two conferences in the United States, one in Canada, two in Europe, and for the first time in an exhibition in South America, through our North American partners, AERIUM Analytics. RoBird® was also showcased in presentations in New York and Seattle. 

Most notably, RoBird® was flown in presentations near heavy, low-flying air traffic near Grand Forks International Airport (GFK), in North Dakota (home to one of the largest flight schools in the US), and between two active runways at Chicago O’Hare International Airport (the busiest airport in the US in 2018) – further proving the safety and reliability of this technology. 

2018 also marked the beginning of resumed operations at Edmonton International Airport (YEG), which continued into 2019. The results of this project and others, as well as an ongoing study, give a greater understanding of the effectiveness of our wildlife management methodology.

In December, the RoBird® company finished the year on a high note by lending their Pilots’ talent to the UAE 47th National Day celebration production in Abu Dhabi. During the show RoBird® was a main feature, and was flown around the stadium in the act.

2019 & Beyond

2019 has also been a dynamic year for RoBird® so far. In January, the long-awaited release of the popular military action film Uri: The Surgical Strike was released in India, in which RoBird® was also featured. In February, RoBird® Pilots completed a trial project, hazing starlings in Normandy, France. Further, the capabilities of the UAV have been presented in Switzerland on multiple occasions with out Swiss partners, Eagle Eye Solutions.

The rest of this year brings new and exciting challenges to meet, and RoBird® plans to build upon the achievement of the previous two years – working toward expanding operations in North America, Europe, and Asia, and attending more conferences and exhibitions. Meanwhile the company’s R&D Engineers and Pilots work diligently to develop, test, and train on existing and new technology. With this hard work and tenacity, RoBird® hopes to continue to see a positive impact and further growth moving forward.

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