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How We Work

Clients require a simple way to integrate RoBird® into daily operations, so we now offer an all-inclusive package. A basic 4-6 week wildlife management service package includes the lease of two RoBird® units. It also includes a regular maintenance interval, and two replacement units. RoBird® offers the choice between provision of a pilot, or training of the client’s personnel. The management team may require one of our expert pilots to begin operations, and then shift responsibility to the client’s pilot. The length of a project and number of RoBird® units required depends on the needs of each project. 

Wildlife management services demos are available, and afterward the client can request longer contracts. We also offer support in the creation of a comprehensive wildlife management plan.

Still have questions? Please visit our FAQ page to learn more, or submit an inquiry. We have a dedicated staff waiting to answer your questions, and help you start your project or demo!

RoBird® pilots providing wildlife management services in an agricultural field.

More Information

Where Does RoBird® Work?

RoBird® is not just for airports. Our technology is applied across many industries where birds present a risk or nuisance. Visit our applications page to learn more.

Interested in Working for Us?

We are always looking for talented and flexible team members. If you enjoy flying model aircrafts and world travel, consider applying today! Please visit our job page to learn how you can join our team.

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