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Join the RoBird Engineer Team

We are looking for a RoBird engineer with a passion for drone technology! As part of our team, you are working on developing our technology from remote controlled, to autonomous. When flying, the RoBird®’s body moves up and down at a flapping frequency of about 6 Hz. This is challenging to control, and image stabilization is difficult. Most importantly, within the coming years the RoBird® will become an autonomously flying robot. It will be capable of identifying, tracking, and chasing birds, while also launching and landing automatically. These are our current challenges, therefore we are looking for a special RoBird engineer to strengthen our team.

RoBird® UAV Engineer Rendering

The right candidate will meet most, and ideally all of the qualifications. They will also already live in the Netherlands, so they can work on-site in the office. They may come from other EU countries, so long as they are willing to relocate. However, candidates from other countries may also apply, and must have ability to work in the Netherlands and can relocate.


Our company is growing its international presence, and as such, requires professionalism. As an engineer for RoBird®, you will represent the company. In addtion to R&D, your duties include participating in activities mainly in the aerospace, energy, and waste management industries. RoBird® requires one full-time engineer. We are looking for the right person with the following qualifications:

  • Minimum BSc in the field of Engineering; MSc preferred
  • Skilled Dutch and English speaker; and German, French, or other is a plus
  • Previous experience working with drones and autopilot software
  • Skilled in programming language(s), and C++ required
  • Positive, with a team player attitude
  • Communication skills and integrity
  • Results-driven, professional, and focused
  • Excited about working on flight control software and hardware
  • Must be able to lift up to 23 kg (approx. 50 lbs)


  • Further develop RoBird® autopilot, and transitioning RoBird® toward full autonomy
  • Improve RoBird® controller, tuning, and flight performance
  • Represent the company in a professional manner, and providing support to pilots and sales team
  • Communicate with stakeholders, and the wildlife management team
  • Assemble and perform repairs on equipment
  • Travel when required for short periods, and train others to create and maintain our UAVs

What You Get

  • A competitive salary with benefits, and stock options
  • A young, talented, and creative organization
  • An excellent starting point, and continuation of your engineering career
  • An opportunity to learn and grow, so you can develop professionally


Please send your resume and motivational letter to info@robird.com. After that, if we select your application to move forward, then you will receive a response directly to your e-mail. Before applying we recommend getting a better understanding of who we are and how our service works. Therefore, we suggest reading our about page, and FAQ. Please also watch one of the many pieces available online, such as this one from the New York Times. We have team members working in different locations around the world, so we are ready to answer your questions.


We are excited to hear from you, so your messages are always welcome! For detailed questions related to engineering, you can contact us via e-mail at info@robird.com or via telephone +31 (0)85 773 1446.

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