RoBird Pilots Wanted

RoBird pilots are wanted at the RoBird® company! We are hiring experienced unmanned aircraft pilots who like to travel and are passionate about flying. We hire locally in the Netherlands, and also qualified candidates from other countries in the EU and beyond. Applicants must have legal ability to work in the Netherlands, or target country of operation.

If this sounds like you, then read more and find out how you can become a part of our team!


RoBird® is an unmanned aircraft developer, and we use our expertise to create an effective bird control service. We are internationally celebrated for our bird control solution – the RoBird® UAV. RoBird® is an ornithopter with the design and flight envelope of a real peregrine falcon. The purpose of this bird removal tool is to reduce bird populations, and bird strikes at airports. Our expert pilots chase away birds from high-risk areas, because the safety of indutry operations is one of our priorities.

RoBird® is a young, talented, and creative organization, and includes standard benefits and conditions, and stock options. We operate abroad, giving our pilots the chance to travel the world!


As a pilot for RoBird® you will have the chance to train on and operate the RoBird® internationally. You will represent the company, and take part in professional bird control operations in the aerospace, oil and gas, waste management, and other industries.

One full-time and  several part-time/freelance RoBird pilots wanted, as well as self-employed UAV pilots. We are looking for the right individual with the following qualifications:

  • Airmanship
  • Positive, team player attitude
  • Communication skills
  • Integrity
  • Results-driven
  • Professional and focused
  • Excited about working internationally on multiple projects per year
  • Must be able to lift up to 23 kg (approx. 50 lbs)
  • Valid driver’s license, passport, and ability to work abroad
  • Skilled English speaker; German, French, or other is a plus
  • Remote pilot license (RPA-L) is a plus
  • Knowledge of radiotelephony and airspace regulations is a plus


RoBird® pilots flying in an agricultural field.

What You Get

  • A competitive salary with benefits, and stock options
  • A young, talented, and creative organization
  • An excellent starting point, and continuation of your career
  • An opportunity to learn and grow, so you can develop professionally


Please send your resume and motivational letter to info@robird.com. After that, if we select your application to move forward, then you will receive a response directly to your e-mail. Before applying we recommend getting a better understanding of who we are and how our service works. Therefore, we suggest reading our about page, and FAQ. Please also watch one of the many pieces available online, such as this one from the New York Times. We have team members working in different locations around the world, so we are ready to answer your questions.


We are excited to hear from you, so your messages are always welcome! For detailed questions, you can contact info@robird.com or via telephone +31 (0)85 773 1446.

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