Bird control has always been important for harbors, but with strict environmental laws, it can be hard to find new effective ways to chase birds. RoBird® has developed a couple of strategies that prevents bird-related damage and delays in harbors.

Harbors are incredibly attractive places for birds. Not only are harbors great resting places after a long flight, birds also use the area for nesting and foraging. A lot of goods are stored in the open air during transshipment or transloading and if a bird decides to nest on top of a shipment, law dictates that the shipment is not allowed to be moved until after the bird is done nesting.

This way nesting birds can delay a shipment greatly and add a lot of extra costs. Apart from problems with nesting, bird droppings can also damage goods, and the loud and aggressive birds can be a nuisance for people working in the harbor.  

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