Oil & Gas

Oil and gas companies can be attractive sites for birds to nest and forage. Unfortunately, these locations can be dangerous for birds. RoBird® helps you to prevent  ecological and economical damage, and relocates the birds to a safe place. 

Just like harbors and landfills, the sites from oil and gas companies are a Disneyland for birds. Seagulls forage and build their nests on sites near the shore and cause a lot of damage with their acidic droppings. Not only are the birds a threat to goods, people can get attacked if they come too close to a nesting seagull. Offshore platforms can get covered in a thick layer of guano, due to the many flocks of birds using it as a resting place.

Another problem arises at oil sands tailings ponds. Before cleaning up, these ponds contain layers of residual oil, which is harmful to birds. Geese, loons, swans, ducks and other birds fly over these toxic ponds but see them as a regular body of water. By landing in one of these ponds, odds are they might die.

At RoBird® we have developed several long term bird control strategies, with high success rates. We realized fundamental declines in the presence of local bird populations, and we were even able to reduce the number of pest birds to zero in our most successful projects. 

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