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Waste Management

Waste management bird control is crucial for preservation of facilities, the surrounding ecosystem, and cleanliness for human beings. Birds at waste management facilities linger because of the safe and plentiful food source, and they come in droves. These gargantuan populations of birds often carry refuse outside of the facility, and drop it elsewhere, having harmful effects on the environment. They also can cause destruction to facilities, and become a major nuisance for workers and the people who live nearby. Furthermore, their presence creates risk for their own safety, with greater odds of coming into contact with dangerous chemicals.

RoBird® acts as a bird deterrant in these locations in a number of ways. In most instances it scares birds away from these high-risk areas. In other cases, it can act as a lure to remove birds. RoBird® is particularly suitable for these sites because of the low risk profile, i.e. open terrain and very few people. It is also highly effective on the common birds that plague these sites, such as gulls, crows, and pigeons. These varieties very quickly leave, and over time stay away longer or cease to return.

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With RoBird®, waste management bird control can be simple!


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