Waste Management

Are you interested in the different ways of bird control we can offer near landfills and on waste management sites? Please contact us and we will gladly offer you a fitting solution.

Landfills and waste management sites offer birds a never-ending supply of food. These birds can become a considerable nuisance because of their noise and occasionally aggressive behavior towards people.

Sometimes the number of birds gets so large that working becomes nearly impossible, and birds pick up and move waste just to drop it anywhere they like. 

In addition to this, bird droppings damage cars and buildings, and can spread dangerous diseases. Finally, eating waste can be dangerous for these birds, as their bodies cannot digest plastics and other materials commonly found at landfills.

These sites are highly suitable for the RoBird®because of the low-risk profile: An open terrain and hardly any people around.

To read about how RoBird® has been applied at waste management facilities, click here.


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